Self-hosted Services

I host a variety of services for public and private use. Feel free to check any of them out; each service is ran with love!



[100% Compliant]

XMPP is a federated chat and call service that supports encryption. Just like Email, anyone can run a server, but they aren't restricted to just the users on their specific server. I run an ejabberd XMPP server for federated private and group chats.



Matrix is another federated chat service, just like XMPP. It supports more user-friendly clients like Element, and it has a "Spaces" feature which is similar to Discord's "servers".

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[Monero Node]


Monero is a truly private, fungible and usable cryptocurrency. I run a full node that contributes to the network, which you can connect with from



Mumble is a free software text and voice chat software where you can directly connect to various servers and talk to people. You can connect to mine from



This is a wiki full of software and self-hosting tutorials. There are also "lore" articles that run through the history of Denshi on the internet. It's powered by Mycorrhiza.



A complete archive of my old art, music and photography. The website uses a basic web file browser, but "lore" focused pages are available discussing specific music albums.

[Hidden Sites]

Hidden Sites

For those especially paranoid about my webserver logging their IP address, this website is available through hidden or "invisible" services:

[TOR Hidden service] ~ [I2P Eepsite]

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